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Rod Caborn is a San Francisco Bay Area based professional emcee, benefit auctioneer and charity fundraiser, who has been thrilling audiences for over two decades. Rod’s skills as an emcee, entertainer and motivational speaker make every event he conducts extraordinary.’


When it comes to hiring the perfect talent for your corporate or charity event, you can count on the fact that Rod is the complete package. 


•  He has the presence and irresistible showmanship to engage and energize your 

    whole audience.


•  The humor and insight to animate your message.


•  The savior-faire and poise to showcase your key stakeholders and executives.

•  The motivational and comedic expertise to mobilize your workforce and inspire your community.

•  The boundless energy and creativity  to facilitate all aspects of your conference or event.


In short, Rod’s confidence, ease, and charming sense of humor will carry your audience to wherever you want to take them, and will bring them all together around your vision. If you want an emcee who truly showcases the ‘specialness’ of your organization, then enlist the inspiring emcee energy of Rod Caborn.


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