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“Rod's keynote performance was dazzling. With his wit, charm, poise, charisma, intellect, and savior-faire, who wouldn't take our message to heart?”

— Oliver Borg, Assistant Governor, Interact Convention, San Jose, CA

Humorist and Keynote Speaker

Here is the theme of a great keynote speech;

“Humor, by definition, offers another perspective, and great humor makes that perspective both entertaining and memorable.”

This theme speaks precisely to why Rod is a great keynote speaker.

And here is the theme of another great keynote speech;

“Constraints give even greater creativity to those who are creative!”

And this theme captures the essence of why Rod should deliver you next keynote...

Rod has the creativity to find humor in anything. If you provide him with the constraints of a few essential details about your organization, he will masterfully weave them into your message and in so doing will deliver the ‘great humor’ that will make your keynote both captivating and unforgettable.

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