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Rod has been producing fundraising events for over 25 years. He has helped a huge variety of organizations raise over $26million through his expertise and inimitable energy as the producer and host of their banner events. On many occasions, once organizations witness the depth and breadth of his knowledge and abilities they retain him to provide them with his invaluable council about all aspects of the fundraising process. From annual fund development and annual giving campaigns, to capital campaigns and long term strategic plans, Rod has amassed a vast body of experience that spans from A – Z. 

Any one of his hundreds of clients will enthusiastically and emphatically confirm that if you engage his services his fees will represent just a tiny fraction of all the additional money that you will raise. And you can also rest assured that having him as a part of your team will make the whole process infinitely more simple and enjoyable! 

The perfect way to start the discussion is by inviting him to come in and do his remarkable ‘360 Event Review‘ with you. He will begin by focusing on your banner event, and then, through his expert facilitation, will take you to precisely where you and your team need to go in order to meet your broader vision and objectives. 


“How can we thank you enough for all that you did to ensure "BASH's" success? Your enthusiasm and vitality were infectious that night, and your guidance during our preparation was indispensable. The overwhelming response we heard afterwards was what a fun and enjoyable night it was!”

— Tracy Kendall, PCS


— $500

— 2 Hours

— A cup of tea


— Maximize every opportunity

— Identify all the potential pitfalls

Create a very special experience for your whole community

... AND

Make significantly more money!!!

“On the heels of our very successful auction (due in large part to your skills!) I would like to thank you very much for the expertise, guidance and enthusiasm that you showed us during the planning, preparation and on the night of our dinner dance auction. I firmly believe that if it were not for your flawless direction beforehand, and your charisma during the auction, we would not have met our original goal, let alone exceed it by thousands of dollars!” 

“Rod was a huge asset to our Capital Campaign! In addition to his outstanding skills in every aspect of the process, he proved to be a source of constant encouragement and inspiration. He is the perfect blend of team captain and team player!”

“We employed the services of Rod Caborn for our recent gala and want to share with you our great experience. His keen organizational skills and preparation gave us a great sense of ease and focus. At the event itself his performance was outstanding. His energy and animation combined with a charming sense of occasion, made for a very entertaining hour and a half. What pleases us the most was that we exceeded our expectation and everyone had a great time in the process.”

“You were wonderful to work with on our 'Spring for Education' Auction. Thank you for all of the guidance and wisdom you shared with us. It was a pleasure working with you from start to finish!”

 — Laurie Dobler, Moreland Notre Dame

— Krista Holt, Westlake

— Genevieve Pullara, Washington Union Educational Foundation

 — Lara Kilpatrick, Mount Madonna School

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