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Professional Auctioneer

Copyright © 2017 Rod Caborn. All rights reserved.

Rod has been a pre-eminent professional benefit auctioneer for over 16 years. He has been delighting audiences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, and has raised over $26 million for a wide variety of foundations and non-profits.

As a premier benefit auctioneer, Rod has honed his craft to... 

— Create a uniquely special sense of occasion.     

— Be constantly engaging and entertaining.     

— Bond completely with the whole room.     

— Never fail to think well on his feet.     

— Speak with absolute authenticity.     

— Recognize what really matters.     

— Make everyone in the audience feel special.    

 — Inspire the audience to commit...

“Your charisma and talent helped us to raise tens of thousands over our goal. An just as important as raising the money, our guests left feeling inspired. Everyone I talked to had a blast!”

— Matt King, Chairman, Aptos Sports Foundation

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